Paradise of ideas for investors

Today, there are more investors than projects they might invest in. An idea may bring a lot of return for investors. We generate ideas for them, we participate in projects, we save their and our funds to make it done.
In business more than 20 years, we know everything about design. It does not matter what you do, once you are good with design, you get your own vision in many fields. In Art to be the best is Good enough.
Unussual look at things is our passion.
Projects need money and price is a key point in investment business today. If the idea is even so much brilliant but cost is more than investor may afford, it does not work.
We know how to make it done today for much less money than you might expect.

Destination for interior professionals

You get unavailable product for your projects for prices far beyond imagination directly either from our affiliated factories or our trade partners we work years and years. All Collections are totally designed by us and they are not available in international markets.
Quality is under control by our staff. We carry responsibility for turn key projects giving you one stop with us.
From concept design to final touch with accessories when a signature point is Price.

A good source of income for agents

We do most of things ourselves as a team without going to subcontractors. Only the product we are not able to manufacture to be done with our long term business partners who still follow our designs only. Those give a good room for profit for agents who are looking for affiliating with us.